Online Training Package (8 weeks)

Online Training Package (8 weeks)

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8 Weeks of Online Coaching

What's included:

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Nutrition booklet
  • 8-week personalized workout / exercise plan
  • 8-week nutrition tracking
  • 8-weekly check-ins
  • Additional diet advice & support if required
  • Tracked workouts
  • 24 hour support and encouragement - Ask me any questions any time via E-mail (
  • Adjustments made as and when they are needed over the 8 weeks
  • Professional knowledge & experience – I will do my best to coach you about your diet and workout needs, so you can take full control and progress when you no longer require my services
  • Motivation & confidence – I will motivate you to stick to your plan and help you over come any barriers you may face. This will help you build self-confidence and change your thought patterns

REFUNDS: Please contact me to discuss refunds for online PT.